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This is very interesting: Venus rules seduction, the act of making love, female sexuality and sexual energy in the woman; and it is representative of charm, harmony, and a sense of humor. A benefic is a term of ancient astrology referring to a planet that is highly beneficial and one that brings good luck or high levels of something beneficial and helpful, as well as victory and championships. Mars is known as the planet of war.

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Mars is representative of taking initiative, constructive actions and physical strength. In its best symbolisms it manifests as strength, assertiveness and forthrightness. When this planet is involved in stressful alignments it can represent rudeness, abrasiveness, and anger. Since Mars rules the body, it has dominion over what we do with the body, such as athletic endeavors, dance and ballet, and also pure physical labor. Mars is associated with pure physical attraction of the body, as distinguished from emotional and even sexual attraction.

Venus rules female sexuality, but Mars is the ruler of male sexuality. Mars governs initiative and being a person of action, as opposed to indecision and excessive contemplation. It also rules the dancer and farmer, laborer and carpenter, and any profession that has a primary requirement of using the body. Mars signifies crudeness, vulgarity, macho attitudes, and the he-man. Saturn is known as the timekeeper as well as the teacher. It is the symbol of all that lies in the past, rules and limitations. In its best manifestations it is diplomatic, rule abiding and organized.

It is also the planet of control and dominance, and the desire for control and dominance over others. Saturn represents restrictions and constriction-contraction of what is helpful, and expansion of what is harmful. It governs scientific thinking and whatever is contrary to Judeo-Christian traditions. It is symbolic of obstruction, limitations, shortages, destruction, losses, mistakes, hindrances, disruptions, bad luck, dissolutions, and breaking apart.

It is also representative of revenge, selfishness, and narrow-mindedness. Saturn is the planet of deception; and signifies temptation, deceit, deceitfulness, the occult and attraction to the occult, and also confusion. Saturn also governs frustration, disappointment, being unhappy, as well as hatred and repulsion. What's interesting to note is that Saturn signifies temptations of all kinds and being unable to resist them. There are problems in this world, so there has to be a planet that signifies them-and Saturn is the one that does.

Jupiter is the planet of wisdom. Jupiter represents a vision of the future, good taste, good luck and good judgement. On the positive side Jupiter represents travel, education and opportunity. When involved in difficult alignments it can symbolize carelessness, extravagance, exaggeration and gambling. Jupiter is symbolic of Judeo-Christian religions, Providence, grace, power benevolently used, self-sacrifice, selflessness, as well as protection and the protector. Jupiter is also representative of truth and true genius, the leader, royalty, expansion of what is good or helpful, and contraction of what is bad and harmful.

Jupiter is the most powerful benefic Venus is second , and it improves and helps every planet it makes an aspect with. Uranus is the planet that represents social issues, revolution and change. When it is at its best it can symbolize scientific discoveries, fame, originality and uniqueness. When it manifests under stressful conditions it can represent rebelliousness, abruptness, eccentricity, and a breakdown of relationships, communication or social standards. Uranus also signifies change and what is new, including the news.

Also, it represents astrology, because it is the study of changes in planets' positions, which creates new things. Since change can be revolutionary, Uranus is representative of everything that is new or innovative, including discoveries. Along these lines, Uranus symbolizes what has changed the world, such as inventions and technology, flying, space travel, and aeronautics.

But the most important rulerships of Uranus are that of fame, the public, and whatever has to do with the public-such as the mass media, broadcasting, and the entertainment business. Uranus is representative of what is worldwide, pervasive, and universal in nature or status, and publicity and publicizing. It is Uranus that signifies the globalization of anything, and it is also symbolic of being massive in general size or amounts.

Planetary Symbolisms

In our bodies, Uranus is ruler of what our body does to adjust to changes; this means Uranus rules balance, eye-hand coordination, and depth perception; but it overlaps with Mercury in these areas. Neptune was known as the God of the sea in mythology. It represents anything that constantly changes but is always the same such as the oceans. When its best side is expressed it can symbolize harmony, long term lasting assets such as real estate, romance, and connectivity on a spiritual level.

When Neptune is in a stressful alignment it can manifest as vagueness, escapism, and fearfulness. It is Neptune that imparts sensuality to women. Neptune also represents creativity, inspirations, and whatever inspires. Neptune has dominion over morals, ethics, and ethical behavior and standards; it signifies sensitivity and gentleness. Neptune was the mythical god of the sea and rules whatever involves the sea and water, such as shipping. More important, Neptune governs health, medicines, and anything that increases life expectancy or improved health; as well as regeneration, healing, and anything that increases longevity.

This leads to Neptune's rulership of serenity, tranquility, and safe passage, as well as stability and peacefulness at home. Neptune is the planet of youthfulness and being young at heart, spirit, and body. It is Neptune that rules the act of procreation and reproduction; as opposed to Venus, which rules the act of making love and seduction. Neptune is also different from Pluto, which rules the sex act itself.

Neptune signifies all long-term assets, such as inheritances, copyrights and patents; and whatever comes from the ground, such as minerals, oil, plants, and food. It is Neptune that rules long-term financial security. Neptune also symbolizes doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and all artistic and creative professions.

Pluto is the planet of power and passion. It rules the sex drive as procreation, deep desires, and major transformation. In its best manifestations it represents drive and determination, stamina, and confidentiality. In its least attractive manifestations it can represent secrecy, uncontrollable hungers, and harshness. This overlaps in some ways with Mars, that symbolizes pure physical attraction, but there is a difference.

Chiron in Astrology: Trauma and the Wounded Healer in your Chart

Pluto is also representative of power; the establishment; and things that enhance or preserve power, such as atomic energy and weapons, politics, great success, big business, corporations, and advertising. Pluto signifies dictatorships and oppression, as well as the state of being oppressive; this leads to Pluto signifying the super ego and undeserved self-esteem.

Pluto represents the ingredients of great wealth, such as investments, the banking industry, the loaning of money, the issuance of debt, and the ability to pay it back; as well as most financial instruments, such as bonds and mortgages.

It also represents gambling and betting, the trading of financial instruments of all types, and also corporations. It provides the ability to take advantage of and capitalize on something in order to make a profit. Pluto has dominion over drastic changes that are true upheavals, and in this regard, it represents beginnings and endings. Pluto rules obsessions of all kinds, including emotional and sexual ones.

One More on Magi Astrology

Also, Pluto is ruler of the actual sex act, as opposed to lovemaking and seduction, which are ruled by Venus. Venus seduces you; Pluto simply throws you on the bed and says, "Take off your clothes. Chiron represents the ability to charm and fascinate others. In its best manifestations it represents a sterling reputation, trustworthiness, commitment and constancy.

On the flip side it can represent giving in to whims, social awkwardness, and an inability to honor commitments. It represents the target of a person's romantic and marital interest. Chiron also has rulership over promises and commitments of love, including engagements and marriage vows. It governs fertility and pregnancies, and the act of giving birth to children in marriage. Chiron rules the marital and romantic instinct and desire of romance, as well as romance itself. Magi Principle Nine About Love: When two persons form more Clashes than Linkages, the two souls are not compatible and are not likely to fall in love, and stay in love.

Applied Magi Astrology

Magi Principle Ten About Love: No matter how much two persons love each other, and no matter how well their two astrological charts match up, if the two persons get married on a horrible astrological day, their marriage would still be tumultuous and stressful, and probably result in heartbreak. Happiness can be attained by getting married on a perfect astrological day, if the date is properly selected utilizing Magi Astrology. The Principles of Magi Astrology work together and are to be used as a whole. It is unwise to use only some of the Principles and ignore others - to do so can result in heartbreak.

It is unwise to apply only the Principles that give you the answers you may want. For example, if you are in love with someone that forms a Romantic Super Linkage with you, but you met the person while you were having a Heartbreak Transit, you would be highly tempted to ignore Principle Three, but you must include it.

Please do not cherry pick the Principles you wish to apply; the Principles work together as a unit. Similarly, just because you meet someone new while you are having several Cinderella Transits, it does not mean the new person is your true love. In order for the new person to possibly be the one meant for you, the person would also have to fulfill the other Principles of Magi Astrology about love, such as forming a Romantic Super Linkage with you, and forming more Linkages than Clashes, etc.

Insights and Information - Glossary

Other points may be included in the configuration if it is comprised of more than 3 planets, but the minimum required 3 planets must all be on this list. In that case the aspect is a clash. Squares and Oppositions are always clashes regardless of the planets involved. A note on orbs: More exact orbs are more powerful than wider orbs. Aspects with the tightest orbs are the most significant aspects in CAC's. Another consideration is that even though all romantic super-linkages are indicative of soulmate potential, they are not all created equal in terms of the total energies they bring to a relationship.

They differ depending upon the planets involved, the aspects involved and their exactness, and any planetary geometry that is created. Romantic super-linkages comprised of the romance planets- Venus, Neptune, and Chiron, are the most romantic. Saturn in a romantic super-linkage will act to bind a couple but will not bring joy, and can bring difficulties, though the whole romantic super-linkage will need to be analyzed to assess Saturn's effects. Uranus adds a note of distance or fluctuation to a romantic super-linkage. Mars in a romantic super-linkage can add more drive to marry, but can also incline a couple toward disputes.


In general, linkages are more favorable than clashes in romantic super-linkages, but clashes from most planets are actually more favorable than Saturn linkages. More on Planetary Symbolisms in Magi Astrology. Planetary geometry also impacts the interpretation of romantic super-linkages. A grand trine is the most favorable geometry for a romantic super-linkage.

Mystical triangles and yods can also be favorable, depending on the planets involved and their positions. T-squares and Grand Crosses, while typically unfavorable, would have to include a linkage to Chiron somewhere and so would have to be assessed in light of that, but would still be likely indicators of difficulties for the couple. A sign of true love.

Feeling like you belong together. Wanting to make a commitment- wanting to marry. Soulmate Linkages give a couple the feeling of belonging together but they do not guarantee "happily ever after. The Ultimate Sexual Linkage: Juno-Venus linkage Irresistible attraction that can compel people to find a way to get together. Can just be a super-hot amour without complication or could blind you to important facts or tempt you abandon your values. Each pattern has its own flavor and its own duration. Sexual Captivations create extreme sexual intensity coupled with an imbalance of power unless there is Saturn Balance.

Can create desperate obsessions and can be very destructive- see examples at right. Ever desperately felt that you couldn't live without someone? Ever done things you wouldn't otherwise do to be with someone? It holds a couple together, sometimes for years, before it ultimately breaks one or both of their hearts. Heartbreak clashes CAN be overcome Heartbreak Clashes can be overcome by a perfect or nearly-perfect wedding date. See: Magi Weddings They may also be overpowered by certain other situations.

Couples with Nuclear Clashes have to work very hard and be very patient to stay together for long. These relationships can be incredibly painful. Relationship happiness is seemingly not meant to be.

What do you have to gain or lose from the partnership? The ruling chart of your relationship is a crucial key to the relationship's potential- it can dramatically influence happiness or heartbreak, success or failure and help determine if the couple will move on to the next stage of their relationship.

For new acquaintances, the ruling chart is the chart for the first face-to-face meeting. For engaged couples, the chart of your engagement is the ruling chart. For married couples, the chart of the wedding is the ruling chart. Even as a relationship progresses, the meeting chart continues to play a role until a couple marries, and to some degree afterward

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