Aquarius daily horoscope november 18 2019

The moon is in Aquarius.

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The 0 degree is every sign is known as the Critical Degree and represents a new start. Think of the idealistic youth as he or she sets out in life, think of the Fool in the Tarot and think of rashness, a lack of experience and a new start. This week we get the Full Moon at 0 degrees of Gemini.

Think of it then as though we — the human race — are moving into a new cycle. Apply the ideas of the Critical Degree — the fool-hardy, optimistic soul trying something new — to the emotion of the Full Moon, which is always about turning points. The MeToo movement is evidence of this. As are other changes on the world scene. On the day I am writing this, cannabis has just been legalised for recreational use in Canada. Are you moving with the times or are you stuck in the past? Happily this Full Moon triggers the planet of good times and optimism, Jupiter.

It's a fantastic time to party, make art, or make out! The moon in Aquarius lights up the relationship sector of your chart—but watch out for arguments as the moon opposes fiery Mars. The moon also connects with Jupiter, bringing romance your way, and Venus connects with Neptune, creating a beautiful energy for bonding and sharing emotions. You love to stay busy, but as the moon in Aquarius clashes with Mars, finish what you've started instead of adding more to your schedule. The moon connects with Jupiter, asking you to dive deep into your emotions. A whimsically romantic atmosphere arrives as Venus connects with Neptune!

Aquarius Daily Horoscope

The moon is in fellow air sign Aquarius, finding you in a flirtatious mood—but watch out for drama as it opposes Mars. The moon connects with Jupiter, bringing lots of talk. Your ruling planet Venus connects with Neptune, creating a dreamy, artistic atmosphere. The moon in Aquarius illuminates the sector of your chart that rules home and family, but you're feeling pressure from work as the moon opposes Mars.

The moon connects with Jupiter, bringing good luck around money. Romance flows and fantastic opportunities arrive as Venus connects with mystical Neptune. The moon in Aquarius lights up the communication sector of your chart today, but watch out for arguments as the moon opposes Mars.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope and Astrology Reading November 18th 2018

The moon connects with your ruling planet Jupiter, inspiring you to get something off your chest, and it's a lovely time to bond and discuss emotions as sweet Venus connects with empathetic Neptune. The moon in Aquarius lights up the financial sector of your chart today, and you're confronting issues concerning cash or resources as it opposes Mars.

You might receive a contract to sign as you approach the full moon of October 13, and if so, first, show the contract to your lawyer. Try to move things along so that you can sign on October 13 or being that is a Sunday, do so October 15, another sparkling day. The Sun and benefic Jupiter will be in ideal harmony, a fantastic aspect that would give your agreement a firm, profitable foundation.

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If your birthday falls on February 9, plus or minus five days, you will do exceptionally well over the full moon weekend of October This is a full moon made just for you! The same is true if you have Aquarius at 20 degrees rising, the natal moon at 20 degrees, or a natal planet in Aquarius, Libra, or Gemini at 20 degrees, and in all cases, allow a tolerance of a plus or minus five degrees. There will be an urgency to get things done early in the month because Mercury will go retrograde starting October 31 and continue until November You will feel the impending slowdown that this planet is known to bring when out of phase as early as October It is true that Mercury retrograde brings lots of frustrations because postponements, cancellations, delays, and misunderstandings will often crop up.

We have to be more deliberate during these phases, because we all tend to rush and at the same time become more forgetful. Hitting the reply all button on your email can bring an embarrassing situation when someone on that email should never have seen your frank response. You get the idea. Keep in mind that if you need a new computer, smartphone, TV, automobile, electronic game or table, or any other electronic item or machine with moving parts, avoid doing so with Mercury retrograde. You will likely regret making that purchase later—it will not deliver the joy you anticipate it will when you get it.

Buy your item in the first half of October or wait until the end of November.

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Both days will offer great prices on a wide variety of items—one of the products may be exactly what you hoped to find. Mercury will have concluded the retrograde, so you will have an open road to choose a new electronic. Now I need to discuss a difficult new moon, due on Sunday, October 27, and influential until November 8. Your chart is complex, and I have to be careful not to overstate the problems that might come up at this new moon.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

You have been telling me how hard it has been to find a new job. The new moon of October 27 would usually be your best point in the year to find a high-level position, a better one than you had before.

However, this new moon will be under siege by your ruling planet Uranus, the planet of all things unpredictable. Out of the blue, something seems to go wrong that you will need to fix. The moon rules your workaday projects, so if you are employed, it may be that something you are working on will need attention.

If you have a business partner, agent, or manager or someone else that acts like a middleman, this person might be part of the discussion, and possibly the one causing some stress. Uranus is based in your house of home and family, so it might be that a dream job may come up but conflicts with the needs of your family—your children, spouse, or your mother or father—and so you might hesitate to take it because you are already handling a lot of responsibility.

Another possibility is that the job might ask you to move to a distant city, setting up more deliberations about what to do. In truth, the move would likely help your chances of success. You might be able to hire people to help you care for your parents if you land an appreciably higher salary. The fact that Mercury will be ready to go retrograde on October 31, shortly after the October 27 new moon, also concerns me.

Aquarius Health & Wellness Horoscope

This might indicate that the job description will change later, and perhaps not in a way that will be to your liking. Mercury is always the wildest child at the start and end date of the retrograde, so you will have to ask a lot of questions before you accept anything new. I will be checking my Twitter account astrologyzone to hear your stories about this new moon for I am very interested in the type of situation you might face. I hope it is an easy one and that none of the possible downsides of this aspect will affect you!

You had a lot of money management to think about, so if you yearn to fly free to a distant land, that would be understandable. A getaway would be good for you, for you would return home refreshed and ready to take on the world.

aquarius daily horoscope november 18 2019 Aquarius daily horoscope november 18 2019
aquarius daily horoscope november 18 2019 Aquarius daily horoscope november 18 2019
aquarius daily horoscope november 18 2019 Aquarius daily horoscope november 18 2019
aquarius daily horoscope november 18 2019 Aquarius daily horoscope november 18 2019
aquarius daily horoscope november 18 2019 Aquarius daily horoscope november 18 2019
aquarius daily horoscope november 18 2019 Aquarius daily horoscope november 18 2019

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