Capricorn love horoscope 22 october 2019

Libra (September 22 - October 23)

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

Mars in your sign will increase your physical needs from early April to mid-June and will intensify your aura. The only downside is that you will expect a lot from a new meeting. Between April 11 and August 12 , Jupiter will make you demanding, impatient and stubborn when it comes to your principles. The question of the legitimacy of your relationship will also arise.

Fortunately, Venus, the planet of love, arises in your sign until July 4 , soothes your emotions and brings you serenity. Fall will be filled with sweetness, meetings, warmth and complicity with Venus, Mercury and Mars in Libra, the sign of couples and friends. Until November 20 , you will be living a life with your partner and will do everything in your power to give it a new balance. If you are single, this will be the ideal time to find -and -keep! Your inner and emotional security is paramount, and the focus is on this year.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

You work to create a lasting relationship, a stable home and the consolidation of your emotional ties. Until March 2 , you will need to strengthen your love and Venus, in your relationship sector consolidates your feelings. Mars increases your sex appeal and warms your body from May 17 to July 1. Summer will be the best time for meetings or to bring positive change to your relationship from July 4 to August 2. Small inconvenience, Mercury is in retrograde in your sign from July 20 to August 2 , and delays and misunderstandings can irritate you.

From October 4 , Venus and Mercury in your affection sector bring you love on a platter and accentuate the possibilities of encounters. From November 20 , Mars gives magnitude to your desires. Venus enters your opposite sign on November 27 and Jupiter on December 3 , which predicts the best for your love life in when emotional stability will settle in for good. Jupiter in your emotional sector and in your friendly sign, all year long, supports your love life.

Happiness, emotional expansion and strengthening ties, awaits you. Until mid-February, Mercury accentuates the chances of new encounters and Mars grants you a beautiful sensuality. From March 2 to 27 , Venus in your opposite sign calms tensions and sends you love and protection.

Be prudent from April 11 to August 12 , when Jupiter pulls back.

Aries (March 21 - April 20)

It will then be a question of thinking about the strength of your links and your commitment. Summer will be full of warmth, encounters, shared feelings and a libido boost. All summer, the planets in your sign bring you love, complicity and encounters. The only setback is that Mercury recedes in your sign from July 8 to Do not take it too close to heart, everything will work out.

From September 15 to October 21 , communication will be optimal. The new Moon of November 26 , will strengthen your links, and the arrival of Venus, in your relationship sector on December 21 , will propel you to cloud 9 and bring you love and pleasure. From February 11 to April 18 , Mercury provides new encounters.

Venus is in your relationship sector from March 27 to May 16 and increases your feelings and your need for love, as well as making you more affectionate. The only hiccup? Mercury falls back from March 6 to March 29 and raises concerns of understanding and can create tension and misunderstanding on an emotional level. Take the strength of the Black Moon in your opposite sign from May 7 to ask yourself the right questions.

It will be a dream opportunity to put things back into perspective in terms of relationships and love. From August 30 , Mercury, Mars and Venus team up to make Fall go smoothly with all the necessary support. Affection, tenderness, complicity and spiritual connection are key. Saturn and Pluto work all year round to stabilize your relationship and help you accept each other in all of your complexity. From December 3 , Jupiter settles in your emotional sector for the whole year You will have a perfect opportunity to consolidate your bonds, meet your soul mate and strengthen your love life.

The new Moon of February 4 relieves you of the pressure and the obligation of being the perfect couple and having the perfect relationship. From March 2 to 27 , Venus facilitates your emotional life and changes your relationship with others, making them more fluid. Love comes as if by magic. From April 18 to May 16 , Mercury and Mars in your affective sector will reassure you and bring you everything you need, love, softness, tenderness, seduction and an easy relationship.

You deploy your powers of seduction. The month of August will be a month of projects, of life in a relationship that can be anchored in September with Venus, Mercury and Mars in your sign from September This will be the moment to offer you beautiful moments of complicity, joy and inner serenity.

The idea of a settling down will emerge in your mind and creating a reassuring and stable home, your leitmotiv, is in the works. From February 11 to April 18 , the winning Venus-Mars-Mercury trio follows your affective sector, strengthens the links that were already established and gives you the opportunity to start a new story. If you tend to speak before thinking, keep a low profile.

The black moon and Neptune retrograde in Pisces from May to October will force you to take a look at your way of loving, to let go of your repetitive patterns of sabotage. Dare to face reality, no leaps forward, face your demons, the game is worth the reward. From October 9 , Venus calms the atmosphere and spreads its beneficial and soothing aura. You will then have love to share and spread.

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It will then be time to open the door to the significant other, to lay down the arms and to advance hand in hand, in serenity. All year Jupiter accompanies you, do not forget it. Until mid-February, the hot planet, Mars gifts you with a beautiful sensuality and strengthens your charisma. Between April 18 and May 16 , Venus spreads love and Mercury offers you the opportunity to have beautiful encounters.

You will feel solid in your sense of self and how you move forward through the world. There is little to fear for you, as you feel stable, and if you are not actually stable, you will find stability in your situation easily. There will be a lot of feel-good moments, without you having to go out of your way to make them happen, and you will, in general, feel more relaxed.

You will find that the latter half of October, as Scorpio season comes about, will bring you a darker feeling about the world. You will be more introspective and feel less put together in general, more easily frazzled. You will put on a good face generally and not be too worried about how others see you, as you're pretty good at hiding when you feel less like yourself, which will give you a chance to be introverted without worrying anyone.

Love Horoscope for Wednesday, October 09, 12222

It's a good idea to keep closed loved ones in the know with how you're feeling, though, so you don't feel alone. At the beginning of the month, your work life will be filled with rich conversation and good humor, as much as can fit between the work that you feel compelled to finish to the best of your ability, which is not unusual for you, even if you don't always have the energy to do so.

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Though you will have a lot of energy right now, that aims you directly to where you want to go and helps you carry along, without it feeling like you're being dragged through the work day by your own work ethic. You are very good at finding a happy medium right now, as well as finding a good pace at work that keeps you busy.

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  • You may have some larger problem solving to do, but you're well set up for it right now, so go for it. As October goes on, you will find the social part becoming less open and mirthful, you will be more apt to keep conversations professional with only a sprinkling of familiarity. Friends from work will still see you socially, but you are less likely to mix the two.

    Your weekly horoscope: October 8 - October 13, 12222

    You will feel more focused while working, though with less energy to do so, causing some work days to feel haphazard and exhausting. It's important to take care of yourself these days and not get upset by your own limitations. In social situations during the first part of October , you will feel like surrounding yourself with good friends that make you feel like you can be yourself and you can let down your hair, so to speak, and access that fun and carefree part of yourself that you, probably, don't let out enough.

    This will help life feel less dull and help you release any energy that might build up during long work days. You will be a great advice giver this month, and less likely to seek others out to help you with your own issues, though there may come some decisions you need an outside opinion on and it's okay to ask at this time. As October ends, you will be less inclined to seek out friends and more likely to keep to yourself.

    You will find time spent in your own bubble, be it your home or a place you frequent, with an old friend or partner that you've grown a significant relationship with, will be the most fruitful for you at this point. Discussing your inner self is rarely done with anyone else, and you're more likely to progress forward with someone who already knows your background. Your inner self may feel a bit neglected at the start of October Although you will find some peace there, and not think you need much time by yourself, it will be important to implement some self-care in your routine.

    You will be easily distracted by social situations and might not be as on top of your health as usual. Carefully managed routines may be abandoned only to be picked up again sporadically. Having a good base to start from will make life feel less hectic, so concentrating on keeping that together could be helpful. As October continues, you will find that you have an easier time being alone and spending time with yourself will result in some realizations about who you are and what makes you tick in this world, and how you affect other people around you.

    There could be parts of your personality that might come off as brash, or cold-hearted, and it's important to face these parts of yourself, as they aren't true reflections of yourself and likely just defenses you've raised over time. You will be very drawn to finding inner peace this month, and instead of looking for it from material objects or other fleeting moments, you will find it in yourself.

    October as a whole will be very important for you, even if it feels rather bland in comparison to other more exciting months. Growth is very important, even if it's the kind of growth that isn't very obvious. Monthly October Horoscope for Zodiac sign Capricorn. October Horoscope October monthly Horoscope for 12 Zodiac signs.

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    capricorn love horoscope 22 october 2019 Capricorn love horoscope 22 october 2019
    capricorn love horoscope 22 october 2019 Capricorn love horoscope 22 october 2019
    capricorn love horoscope 22 october 2019 Capricorn love horoscope 22 october 2019
    capricorn love horoscope 22 october 2019 Capricorn love horoscope 22 october 2019
    capricorn love horoscope 22 october 2019 Capricorn love horoscope 22 october 2019
    capricorn love horoscope 22 october 2019 Capricorn love horoscope 22 october 2019
    capricorn love horoscope 22 october 2019 Capricorn love horoscope 22 october 2019

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